Stage Rally

The basis of such events – the special stage – is a stretch of gravel or tarmac road, closed  to all other traffic which must be covered at a high average speed.  Previously to 2018 in most of Great Britain (the exceptions are Northern Ireland, Scotland, the Isle of Man, the Isle of Mull and the Channel Islands) public roads were not available for this purpose, so special stage events use private land, frequently Forestry Commission roads and airfields.  In 2017 law changed enabling public roads in 2018 to be closed enabling Stage Rallies  to take place in England.  Cars are prepared to the highest standard, with safety being the first concern. A navigator (also known as co-driver) sits alongside the driver and reads pace notes, a stage diagram or the route directly from a map.  Wildlife Stages have taken place at Bovington, Smeatharpe and at Cricket St Thomas, nr Chard.